Woodworking Bench Plans – For A Beautiful Garden Seat

If you have ever wandered around a garden centre you will most likely have seen bamboo covered furniture and maybe even asked yourself how it was created. Well, believe it or not, the actual process is not that difficult and lends itself perfectly to a first project for a newbie woodworker. If you follow a set of woodworking bench plans you will be up and away with your first project in no time at all.

The beauty of woodworking as a hobby is the basics which surround it. Once you master one type of project you will find that the skills you have learned building that first item are ultimately transferable over to the next project, giving you a firm grounding in the craft and allowing you to build upon this experience as you progress on to more demanding pieces.

Woodworking plans very often follow the same set of guidelines, so building a bench will not differ massively from building a bed, table or set of dining room chairs.

Once you have your woodwork plans in place or your online guide, you need to gather your materials list which incorporates the wood for the project, the sundries and the tools to use. For the bamboo bench you will need a quantity of bamboo flooring (as you will not be using the real bamboo wood), wood adhesive, large and small MDF sheets (medium density fibreboard) and some pine board for the bench, which handily is a useful material for first time woodworkers.

By now you should have an idea of your tools and sundries list as they will never change much for the simple projects right through to more demanding ones. A saw, hammer and screwdriver will be required, but you should start to think about investing in some power tools to save time and effort making your woodworked pieces. A nail gun, power screwdriver and the best band saw should be at the top of this list.

Now that you have everything to get started lets do just that. First of all you need to make a box which is what you will eventually cover to make the seat. Make sure that two sides are short and two long and make these from the MDF sheets.

The length you choose for the long sides will match the length of the bench seat. Next, attach using nails, two stringers for support connecting the long sides together making sure that they are spaced equal distances apart. In the corners you should nail small cut pieces of board to create square shapes and these should run at right angles to the stringers.

These newly formed squares should match the length x width measurements of your legs as this is where you will attach them. You will also need a central leg square for added support.

The next step is to create the legs by taking the same dimensions as we just used for the square leg holders. Use the MDF sheets to make the legs and simply attach them into the holders, keeping them in place with the wood adhesive.

The final step in your new build is to place the bamboo sheets on the bench to create the seat. Cut the pieces to fit and place these on the bench base after you have smeared a thin layer of the adhesive over the surface. This will hold the bamboo in place and you now have a completed bamboo bench.

The woodworking bench plans will not only have allowed you to build a new bamboo bench from scratch, they will have also increased your carpentry skills so that you can tackle even more woodworking projects in the future.

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